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Our software is built to produce the MOST content, while using the LEAST amount of space. This means you can handle more projects, on more domains, for more clients, without needing to pay for extra cPanels!


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With MOWG, not only is the text on your webpages variable, but also your images, banners, forms, stylesheets, fonts, placement of items on your pages... anything you want to vary!


Subdomains + Folders

Create pages into subdomains. And folders. And subfolders. And sub-subfolders. Organize it all by listing the sections in Excel, then uploading the structure! Easily add/remove/change.


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How will it feel when you can pay someone the same amount of money to optimize 2,000 pages, that you would pay them to optimize just 2 pages? (You'll be 2,000x more competitive!)


Nested Variables

Our method of handling content means that you do NOT need to "spin words and phrases" to create variability. 1,000's of pages of perfectly readable content... every sentence stays unique.


Subdomains: Auto-Generated

Creating subdomains manually takes 2 minutes each. Our method creates 1,000's in SECONDS. Your pages will use relative image+ folder paths. Yet you only need to upload images + files once!


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